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Thread: Understanding Era Staff Roles

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    Understanding Era Staff Roles

    As there has been quite a bit of movement and some new roles created amongst the staff team in the past several months, I thought I would post a quick overview to help answer the numerous questions asked and ensure a clearer understanding of our existing staff hierarchy.

    snk - Oversees the entire Era server, staff, all functions, game updates, development, etc.

    Management/High Staff (report directly to snk):
    Development Administrator: Storm, Layerd - overesees all Era development activities including gfx, sfx, scripting, LAT, and gani. The department heads of the the functions identified all report into Storm.

    Player Relations Administrators: Kane (USA timezones), Nyx (USA timezones), Reno (Australia/Asia timezones), Ser (EU timezones) - oversee all Player Relations staff, including hiring activities.

    Communications Administrator: Ace - oversee forum, newspaper, support tickets for Era, and email support as well as the staff that support these functions.

    Department Heads (all lead their various staff teams including hiring decisions):
    Gani Administrator - Grief - oversees Gani work and Gani staff, reports to Development Admin

    Graphics Administrators: iPink, Howl - oversee all graphics and graphics staff, reports to Development Admin

    LAT Administrator - Bulldog, bf9 - oversees LAT activities and LAT staff, reports to Development Admin

    Scripting Administrator: N/A - oversees all scripting activities and scripting staff, reports to Development Admin

    SFX Administrator - iMask - oversees all sfx work and sfx staff, reports to Development Admin

    Gang Administrator - Light, ICE - oversees all Gang rewards and any Gang-related programs, reports to Manager

    Gun Administrators - Bitzsam - oversees all gun development and statistics in Era, reports to Manager

    Forum Administrator - Bboy - responsible for maintaining the Era-Go forum and managing the forum moderators, reports to Communications Admin

    Newspaper Administrator - Pamaj - responsible for the weekly development of Mercy News and managing the newspaper staff, reports to Communications Admin

    Other Era positions:
    Communications Support - In-game staff responsible for assisting in the resolution of items and tickets from players in Letters to Staff, Toonslab support, email, or other general forum support/questions (reports to Communications Admin)

    Developer - In-game staff responsible for development activities to correct or enhance the Era server (reports to Development Admin)

    Era-Go Webmaster - In-game staff that provides Era-go webmaster support including website errors and improvements (reports to Manager)

    Forum Moderators - Non in-game staff responsible for moderating the Era-Go forum (reports to Forum Admin)

    Gani Artist - In-game staff responsible for gani work (reports to Gani Admin)

    GFX Artist - In-game staff responsible for graphics work (reports to GFX Admins)

    Levels Artist - In-game staff responsible for level development (reports to LAT Admin)

    Newspaper Team - Non in-game staff responsible for contributing the weekly Mercy News (reports to the Newspaper Admin)

    Player Relations - In-game staff responsible for working reports, uploads, and assisting players with any questions or concerns while playing Era (reports to Player Relations Admins/Senior Player Relations)

    Scripter - In-game staff responsible for scripting activities (reports to Scripting Admin)

    Senior Player Relations - In-game staff responsible for assisting and overseeing the Player Relations staff (reports to Player Relations Admins)

    SFX Artist - In-game staff responsible for all sound work on Era (reports to the SFX Admin)

    You can find a listing of the individuals and are able to contact them via a Forum private message here:

    Hope this helps you understand the current roles and Era and our reporting hierarchy. Please feel free to pm me with any questions or clarification needed, thanks.
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    Welcome to the forums!

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    I hope this helps a few players to understand the staff roles/new positions.

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    Nicely put together.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Salute to mihaly, because he will soon encounter lots of gangs getting there 2,000 hour milestone, which is where all of the demand for gang hat comes in. One to an abundant of gangs.

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    Nice guide

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    This is quite helpful
    My name is Tyler

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    Nice guide Jeni, this should be very helpful for players
    Have any questions or concerns?
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    Want to apply to become a part of the Era staff team? Opportunities will be regularly updated here:

    Enjoy Playing iEra!

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    Proud of you kitty-kin
    Returned... I think. Lmao. I missed all of y'all <3

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    Nice organized guide Jen
    I love helping and answering questions, so just shoot me a message if any helps needed.

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    Oh,now I understand a bit better.Thanks for posting this,Jeni.

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